Welcome to Project Based Learning

Essential Question: How can we, as administrators and leaders, foster PBL in our schools for rigorous and relevant student-centered classrooms?

Audience: Principals and Educational Services

How: Weekly 1 hour intensive trainings


  • What is PBL? What are the benefits and misconceptions of PBL?
  • How do we measure PBL (or any 21st century lesson/unit) strengths and areas for improvement? Use Learning Activity Checklist.
  • What does beginning PBL look like compared to expert PBL?
  • What school culture promotes PBL? Creating a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and building Personal Learning Network (PLN).
  • What resources are available for PBL?
  • How do you start? Building a Conceptual Framework.
  • How do you design the PBL plan?
  • How do you assess PBL?
  • How do you manage PBL? How do we build in reflection? How do we extend the learning?


  • We will set expectations to promote school culture needed for PBL.
  • We will evaluate PBL strengths and areas for improvement.
  • We will prepare to share our learning with our staff.
  • We will set an action plan for our campuses/teams.